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The World’s Fastest and Smallest Electro-Optic Modulators

Polariton is an ETH spin-off developing cutting-edge devices for optical communications. We are about to launch our first product, that enables customers to send data with unprecedented speed and quality.

Today’s information society relies ultimately on ultra-high-bandwidth optical communication networks. The ever-increasing data traffic brings this infrastructure beyond its limits. One of the biggest bottlenecks is the transformation of the electrical data into optical light signals. The devices enabling this transformation are electro-optical modulators. Today’s electro-optical modulators cannot deliver the speed, efficiency and scalability required for the upcoming ultra-high-speed communications and associated applications: they are too large in terms of footprint, expensive to produce, and energy inefficient. This is due to the photonic nature of the current electro-optic modulators and their intrinsic technology.

Based on scientific breakthroughs at ETH Zurich, Polariton’s modulators rely on plasmonics rather than conventional photonics. They demonstrated to be more than 10-times faster than current photonic modulators (500 GHz world record in the lab). At the same time, they are 100-times more compact, more energy-efficient, and cheaper in production.

Polariton Technologies Ltd. is a start-up incorporated in 2019. The team combines strong expertise in optical communications systems, development and production of electro-optic modulators and their application, as well as profound experience in sales and business development in the communication industry.


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