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Health & Nutrition, Digitalisation

Using Artificial Intelligence to unlock the clinical potential of single-cell data

Scailyte focuses on early detection of disease-specific biomarkers using AI solutions, allowing development of precision diagnostics in oncology, immune and women’s health areas.

Scailyte uses single-cell data analysis to discover novel biomarkers for diseases that have high unmet clinical needs. We work together with top key opinion leaders in oncology, immunology and women’s health to drive our biomarker discovery projects forward. Scailyte’s proprietary and ultrasensitive
AI-driven single-cell data analysis allows identification and detections of disease-specific biomarkers at early stages, which enables faster, cheaper and more effective patient treatment. Following the biomarker discovery, we patent it and prototype a diagnostic assay on the existing single-cell analysis technologies already available in the clinics. For faster commercialization and access to the diagnostics market, we form a commercial licensing agreement with a global developer and manufacturer of the clinical platform and reagents, so that a complete diagnostic solution is supplied to the clinics. We also form partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to make novel discoveries using single-cell technologies and our proprietary analytics platform ScaiVision. In this case it is either a complete transactional service project or a co-development partnership for precision medicine and diagnostics.


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