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Robotics & Machine Learning

Self-Sustaining Smart Sensors For Green Buildings and Cities

Bringing the Self-Sustaining Smart Sensors to Smart and Green Buildings and Infrastructure – Enabling holistic insights into utilization of infrastructure for operational and strategic decision making.

Having access to high-resolution data, both temporally and spatially, is key to gain a complete picture of the usage of infrastructure. The acquired contextual information can be used to optimize maintenance schedules, improve utilization, and reduce power consumption. In a digital twin, the information can be used to adjust autonomous climate systems according to occupation, get insights into occupants’ behavior and help people navigate indoor environments. 

Current sensor platforms are expensive, rely on specific environmental conditions, and require additional installation effort to be operated. With peakflow, we overcome these limitations by providing a truly battery-less sensing platform that scales seamlessly from a single room to an entire office building, and their installation takes only minutes. Thanks to their ultra-low power design, the devices can operate virtually endlessly and are able to assess a multitude of parameters, previously requiring multiple platforms. 

Integrating with technology partners like Honeywell, peakflow can be retrofitted in conjunction with existing systems. As a stand-alone deployment, the comprehensive web-application provides operational and strategic insights into utilization and occupancy, and even provide localization services. 


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