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Manufacturing & Materials

Silicone Additive Manufacturing

State-of-the-art on-demand Silicone 3D printed parts for every industry

Spectroplast is a Service Provider for end-use Silicone products that are functional and perform.

We deliver what we promise:

True Silicones

Highest performance & quality standards

Biocompatible and ISO DIN EN 10993-05 / 10993-10

Shore Hardness A20, A35, A50 and A60

Highest precision 0.1 mm

From Industrial Sealing Solutions to Life-Saving Products

Spectroplast satisfies customer needs across all industries – from sealing solutions to life-saving applications with a positive impact on many industries – and lives!

All Silicones are biocompatible and ISO certified.


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Spectroplast AG Andrey Alekseev +41 78 937 27 88info@spectroplast.com