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Management & Digitalisation

Interscriber - Automatic Transcription of Interviews and Meetings

We are pleased to demonstrate Interscriber, our online transcription software that automatically converts recordings of interviews, meetings and discussions into text.

SpinningBytes develops software solutions for Speech Processing, Text Analytics and Dialogue Systems. As a joint spin-off of ETH and ZHAW, founded in 2015, we have profound knowledge of state-of-the-art solutions in Natural Language Processing (NLP) based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our solutions have won several prestigious competitions, including SemEval and GermEval.

Our services cover the entire life-cycle of NLP projects:
– Consulting
– Project management
– Feasibility studies and prototyping
– Implementation projects
– Integration of NLP solutions into existing software landscape

If you want to benefit from NLP in your organization, get in touch with us at


SpinningBytes AG Mark Cieliebak+41 77 418 49