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Energy & Construction, Sustainability


In the research project SWEET-CROSS, we coordinate assumptions and scenarios; and collect and publish research data and model documentation in the SWEET consortia.

CROSS (CooRdination Of Scenarios and Data in SWEET) is  funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy through the “SWEET” programme and coordinated by the Energy Science Center at ETH Zurich. 

The main goal of SWEET-CROSS is to collect and publish research data and models; and coordinate assumptions and scenarios in the SWEET consortia. This facilitates collaboration among SWEET consortia, communication with different stakeholders, and improves transparency and reproducibility of the results.

The project’s activities are, first, establishing an open data platform to publish energy-related data (e.g model assumptions, model results, monitoring data). Second, defining  harmonized CROSS-scenarios that will be analyzed by all SWEET-consortia. Third, we also harmonize a basic set of input parameters across consortia to improve the relevance and comparability of the results. Finally, we established the CROSS research catalog with information about inputs, outputs, model capabilities and expected outcomes and developments in the SWEET project. 

SWEET-CROSS is one of four research projects currently coordinated by the Energy Science Center.