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Swiss Data Science Center – Industry collaborations

We accompany the Swiss industry in the field of data science and artificial intelligence.

The Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC) accompanies the academic community and the industrial sector in their data science journey, putting to work AI and ML and facilitating the multidisciplinary exchange of data and knowledge.

Industry collaborations

Promoting data science in the industry is a core mandate of the Swiss Data Science Center.

By partnering with the Swiss Data Science Center, you benefit from a centralized view of data science in Switzerland as in addition to our collaboration, we can direct you to relevant know-how, training and partners both in the academia and the industry:

  • Access highly qualified resources. Our entire team is available to solve your data science challenges and you gain access to highly qualified resources and flexibility.
  • Foster innovation & continuous learning. Thanks to our unique position within both EPFL and ETH Zurich, we can guide you at your pace through your data science journey: you are at the right place to foster innovation and continuous learning.
  • Ensure objectivity & cost efficiency. You ensure objectivity and cost efficiency since our mandates come from the Swiss Confederation, we propose technology-agnostic approaches to respond to your business needs and focus on prototyping solutions that you will be free to industrialize any way you see fit.


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