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Empowering Energy & Mobility through Analytics & AI

We support our partners in use of analytics and AI to enhance business and sales in areas of energy, mobility and urbanization to create win-wins with shared revenue structure

SwissAI fosters sustainable societal transformation in energy, mobility and urbanization, while enabling investment opportunity. Its predictive algorithms improve decision making to reduce risks, optimise utilisation of resources, increase financial returns, quantify and help manage business risks, and reduce adverse environmental impacts. 

We create entrepreneurial value by lowering cost of sales and by enabling new markets. Through our quantified predictability and transparency we help private and public business sectors take rapid data-driven decisions and increase the predictability in day-to-day business. 

By setting up partnership programs SwissAI creates win-win situations where revenue is shared between the partners. We operate in areas of energy transition, e-mobility, logistics and fleet management, real estate, urban planning, and finance. We currently operate in Asia and Europe with plans to expand to other parts of the world.

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