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The future of transportation is faster, more reliable, and environment-friendly – and Swissloop pioneers its way!

In the autumn of 2016, Swissloop was founded as an association by students at ETH Zurich in order to advance research into high-speed transport systems and to represent Switzerland in the Hyperloop Pod Competition. In addition, Swissloop offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience during their studies. With the very first Swissloop pod “Escher,” the team won third place at the Hyperloop Pod Competition 2017, followed by a top ten placement with the pod “Mujinga” in 2018.
Targeting the significantly higher realizability of future applications, Swissloop started focusing on the development of pods with linear drive in 2018/2019. With the pod “Claude Nicollier,” this technology was used for the first time in a Hyperloop prototype, which reached second place in the Hyperloop Pod Competition 2019. The successful propulsion concept was continued in the 2019/2020 project year, refined, and combined with the further development in the other sub-systems, propels the prototype “S. de Silvestro.”
Combining the established propulsion concept and the integration of electromagnetic levitation, Swissloop reached another major milestone towards a fully-fledged Hyperloop vehicle with this year’s pod prototype “Simon Ammann.” This leap in Swissloop’s advancement was honored with several awards at the 2021 European Hyperloop Week.



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