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Swissmem – Tech Industry for sustainable solutions

Swissmem is the leading association for SME and large corporations in the Swiss technology industry. We offer extensive networks and advocate an innovative centre of industry.

The Swiss Tech Industry works every day to make Switzerland and the entire world safer, more environmentally friendly, healthier and more prosperous – in short, better – through technological solutions. Based on the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and metals industry, it now encompasses all promising fields of technology such as sensor technology, photonics, robotics, additive manufacturing and industrial ICT.

With great innovative and creative power, the companies of the Tech Industry develop solutions for the challenges of our time – be it for combating climate change, for sustainable mobility, for innovations in the medtech sector and food production, or for the resource-saving production and use of energy.

The Swiss Tech Industry consists mainly of SMEs and employs 320,000 people in Switzerland and an additional 560,000 worldwide. It trains around 20,000 young people in Switzerland to become professionals. The companies export 80 percent of their products and services. When it comes to high-tech, precision and quality, many Swiss companies are among the world leaders in their niche markets.


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