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Manufacturing & Materials

Detect 8nm particles and drive semiconductor yield

Up to 70% of the high-end computer chips have defects from nanoparticle contamination during production. UNISERS efficiently detects the previously invisible defect sources.

The semiconductor manufacturers are losing computer chips worth billions of USD and tons of rare natural resources every year due to particle contamination. Particles can originate from over a thousand process steps with different machines, liquids, filters, consumables, gases, and others. These particles deposit on the nanometer scale patterns of the semiconductor chip and destroy its properties. Localizing the contamination source with existing solutions is impossible or can take weeks.

UNISERS is the only solution to detect sub-10nm particles reliable, fast and affordable. A patented nanotechnology enhances the optical signals of particles by at least three orders of magnitudes and enables superior sensitivity at a fraction of the costs of competitors. Another major advantage is the high precision of the size estimation because other optical technologies suffer severe distortion as the signal strength depends on the particles‘ optical properties. The technology can also be used to get a molecular fingerprint (Raman) of the particles to improve R&D (e.g., optimize filters).

UNISERS is working with the leading industry committee (IRDS) on projects to understand the yield dilemma. High-end suppliers of the semiconductor manufacturers are already relying on the analysis service from the ETH-Spin-Off. The start-up is currently preparing for projects at the customer site and achieving the first tool sales.


Ali Ö. Altun (on the right) is the CEO of UNISERS AG.. Before his ETH Ph.D. in nanotechnology, he worked for 5 years in South Korea on projects with the leading semiconductor companies. In the last 4 years, he presented UNISERS at major industry events and congresses. He established a strong network with experts from leading semiconductor companies and a deep understanding of their contamination challenges.

UNISERS AG Dr. Ali Ö. Altuninfo@unisers.ch