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Manufacturing & Materials

UniSieve – Sustainable Separations

UniSieve challenges state-of-the-art separation technology, which today is consuming over 10% of the global energy.

UniSieve is a Zürich-based cleantech company offering a unique separation solution. Today, over 10% of the globally used energy is due to separation and purification processes used for chemical and energy production. Our mission is to support chemical and energy companies by providing separation solutions that lower the process energy by up to 80%. Besides reducing energy costs, this enables customers to recycle valuable chemicals and energy feedstocks, and drastically lower CO2 emissions. By successfully implementing our technology, the UniSieve team will significantly contribute to a net-zero emission economy.

UniSieve is driven by a divers and passionate team. 

Please come by at our stand to learn more about our mission! 


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UniSieve Samuel Hess +41 78 822 48 03