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Robotics & AI, Management & Digitalisation

Launch your AI Transformation

The decision to leverage AI to transform and propell your business is easy. Implementing that in practice is not.
Visium ensures the success of your AI transformation.

Visium was founded in 2018 by Alen Arslanagic (CEO) and Timon Zimmerman (CTO) on the basis of a clear observation – there exists a large, and growing, gap between the state-of-the-art as seen in academia, and the adoption of Machine Learning in the industry. 

Thus, Visium combines best-in-class knowledge in AI and Business to enable the adoption of cutting-edge AI solutions for enterprise clients. Matteo Togninalli (COO, phD) joined the team shortly after and the mission began: Democratize AI for the good of business and society. 

Since its inception, Visium has been growing steadily, and become a strategic partner for some of Switzerland’s most iconic brands. 

Visium can act as a strategic partner to companies at every level of their AI development, whether they are just entering the field or have a solid data science department. We come up with completely fresh approaches to leverage a company’s data-stack and tackle long-standing industry challenges. Our tailored solutions have no boundaries, and can be applied across a multitude of different industries. 


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Head of Business Development at Visium

Visium SA Lucas Nottaris