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Autonomous Visual Inspection Systems

Everything you need to automate your most complex visual inspection processes

As a provider of autonomous visual inspection systems, VU Engineering equips clients with an integrated solution that increases the safety and the reliability of their complex visual inspection processes. Many industries have yet to automate their complex visual inspection processes. For example, final checks on manufactured parts are still done by a factory worker; freight train inspections are done in-person by trained operators in the depot. Each instance requires human resources that are fallible. Automatizing this process presents a more reliable, safe, and cost-effective solution, and the nascent demand for automation is rising as early adopters are beginning to invest in data capture and digitalization infrastructure. We first integrate our solution with the operators’ work to collect precise data of the task being considered. Our system then gradually extends to supporting them in their work before assuming the most repetitive or critical tasks. With full integration, our solution automates the visual inspection process for 99% of presented cases. In the instance it doesn’t, it immediately contacts the appropriate operator for review.
With already more than three years of experience developing autonomous visual inspection systems for the industry across numerous fields, VU is well positioned to help you automate your most complex visual inspection tasks.


Lucas is a computer vision and machine learning engineer, specialized in autonomous visual inspection systems. In 2018, he specialized in automatic detection of complex visual defects in manufacturing and founded two companies in this industry. He has led successful projects in Europe and Asia for international manufacturers.

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