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Health & Nutrition

Yasai design, builds & operates Vertical Farms from the very small scale to large scale.

Yasai enables everyone to grow more with less by integrating Vertical Farming based on a circular economy within the Smart Cities of tomorrow.

We are an ETH Spin-Off specializing in Vertical Farming and contribute to the creation of a circular food system within smart cities. Our target customers are retailer, wholesaler and gastronomy. Yasai builds it’s pilot farm in 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland together with industry partners such as iFarm, Logiqs and Fenaco.

We help our customers to offer more food safety & better quality with a smaller ecological footprint and less costs. With Integrated Vertical Farming we can grow 15 x more per m2, all year round with 95% less fresh water and zero pesticides or food miles. By reusing waste of smart cities as a resource we can create more value for lower costs. We want to enable everyone to grow more local by offering Vertical Farming as a Service.


YASAI Mark E. Zahran+41 79 866 10