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Robotics & Machine Learning

Zaamigo - Working towards an "AI-dentist" to check teeth at home

Instead of physically going to a dentist, we offer instant “AI-powered” dental screenings with actionable insights for patients, dental professionals and insurance companies.

Our product analyses dental images with state-of-the-art machine learning. It consists of a professional intra-oral camera and state-of-the-art machine learning on a smartphone. The user connects the camera wirelessly to the smartphone and takes images in the oral cavity. It’s the images that are then analyzed with machine learning. 

The high-resolution images contain a lot of information regarding one’s lifestyle (e.g., smoking), stress (e.g., bruxism), diet (e.g., sugary intake) and – of course – their dental care. It’s a window into someone’s health.

Dental care is important to most people, yet dental appointments are rare, inconvenient and perceived as expensive. Our digital product lowers the barrier to physically see a dentist, increasing the quality of care in between dental visits. We train machine learning models with the vast expertise of experienced  dentists. We increase access to dental care and make previously expensive dental check-ups affordable and abundant. 

Timely check-ups with intra-oral cameras lead to 1.) Potentially lower treatment costs as earlier interventions are generally less expensive. 2.) Improved prevention as intra-oral images are known to increase patient compliance. That makes our solution especially interesting for insurance companies. Instead of just paying the dental bills after the fact, insurance companies will be able to incentivize their customers in a timely manner.



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